Degree programs in the Division of Natural and Social Sciences prepare students to be leaders, innovators, and caregivers in a complex and rapidly changing world.

Through a curriculum that emphasizes personal attention by faculty mentors, hands-on learning, and early engagement with authentic research, students learn to think independently while working collaboratively to apply modern methods of scientific inquiry to the most pressing questions and challenges of the modern world.

The division offers 14 degree programs and four dual-degree programs in partnership with other institutions. General education courses provide a survey-level introduction to a topic or disciplinary field for the nonmajor. The division supports nonmajors through more than a dozen regularly offered general education courses. In addition to course and degree-program offerings, the division is home to several active research groups that invite students to expand on coursework and contribute to professional disciplinary and cross-disciplinary scholarship.

Dean of the Division

Deanna Byrnes