What does it mean to “think like an economist”? It means using deductive reasoning and modeling to understand economic phenomena. It means learning to identify trade-offs in the context of constraints. It means critically examining data and creatively framing economic problems and policy questions in order to discover novel solutions.

Majors and Minors Offered



The Economics Department at Carthage strives to teach students to think like economists, empowering them with a self-sustaining capacity to think and learn.

The department offers a major and minor in economics, and in conjunction with several other departments on campus, contributes to the interdisciplinary major in international political economy.

Economic reasoning isn’t just logic and facts. It contains analogies, stories, and value premises. Context — political, historical, and cultural — is important. At Carthage, students studying economics learn to make important connections between their field and other realms of human understanding.

The Economics Department at Carthage is housed in the A. W. Clausen Center for World Business, along with the Accounting and Finance, Management and Marketing, and Political Science departments. This is reflective of the strong interconnections between these fields, and faculty work together to prepare students for successful careers.

Carthage is ideally located midway between Chicago and Milwaukee, in one of the major business corridors of the United States. This gives students studying economics at Carthage excellent opportunities for internships and jobs.


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