Student organizations at Carthage fulfill a wide range of interests and hobbies. Interests are constantly changing, and students have the opportunity and support to begin new organizations. Following is a list of general interest groups, organized by category. Click on the links at right to jump to the category that interests you!

Clubs About Carthage

Carthage Activities Board
Want to play a role in bringing performers to campus? Join the Carthage Activities Board, one of the largest student organizations on campus. CAB selects, plans, promotes and produces campus events like Homecoming, Family Weekend, Senior Week, movies, musicians, comedians, indoor ice rinks and more. CAB is open to all students; just show up! 

Residence Life Council
RLC includes representatives from each residence hall who work with the Director of Residence Life to improve the lives of students on campus and get people more involved. This governing board oversees the activities of each Hall Council. RLC hosts many events including Alcohol Awareness Week, Lil’ Sibs Weekend, and state and regional conferences that enable members to become more involved on campus. Meetings are held at 9:30 p.m. every Wednesday in TWC 128B.

Club Sports

Carthage Bowling Club
Try out for the Men’s or Women’s Bowling Teams, or just come and have fun and bowl. Practices are held weekly, October through March, at Sheridan Lanes in Kenosha. Carthage Bowling Teams are part of the United Stated Bowling Congress and participate in the Wisconsin Collegiate State Bowling Conference. The team participates in 4-5 tournaments each season. Coaches usually roster 12 men and 12 women on each team; 6-7 players are selected to participate per tournament. Practice lasts between 2 and 3-1/2 hours. At the end of the season, both teams have the opportunity to qualify for and participate in the USBC Regional and National Collegiate Championship. This year, Women’s Team captain Kathy Fuerher, ’13, of New York, received the Conference Sportsmanship Award. Men’s Team captain Cody Mathias, ’13, of Antioch, Ill., finished sixth in the conference individually, third in conference for high game, and fourth in conference for high series.

Carthage Club Hockey
Carthage Hockey has the longest season of any sport at Carthage, starting immediately in the fall and continuing through March. Although Carthage has a co-ed team, they participate in a men’s league (Kenosha Adult League). The league has various levels of competition, and Carthage is in the second highest level. Players are current students, alumni and professors, making the team very unique. All games and practices are held at Kenosha Ice Arena, 7727 60th Ave., Kenosha.

Fencing Club
Fencing club trains and competes in the sport of fencing.

Red Scare Water Polo Club
This group teaches the elementary skills of water polo and provides a network of water polo players to further the play of the sport.

Running Club
Running Club was created as a way to motivate students to run throughout the year and encourage students to meet new people who also love to run. We run twice per week, generally between 2 and 6 miles. All ability levels are welcome; you are not required to run a specific pace. (There are usually two or more pace groups.) Club members meet weekly for pool workouts, and in spring, participate in charity races (usually 5K). The club also holds organized group events such as pasta parties and participation in Relay for Life.

Taekwondo Club
The Taekwondo Club welcomes any form of martial arts and if members know other forms of martial arts, they are welcome to teach. This club teaches the basics of taekwondo, however due to liability issues, there is no sparring. The Taekwondo Club promotes a safe environment in which people can practice martial arts.

Ultimate Frisbee Club
The Ultimate Frisbee Club provides a venue for students to play and practice ultimate Frisbee, coordinate travel and participation in Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, encourage students to participate in physical activity, and have fun playing the best sport in the world.

Performance Clubs

Carthage Swing Society
The purpose of this organization is to introduce and promote swing dancing to students of Carthage, to provide lessons for beginners, to introduce the basics so students become comfortable enough to dance out on the floor, and to provide opportunities for advanced swing dancers through workshops, activities, events and dances in the forms of East Coast, Charleston, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, and others.

Belly Dancing Club
Learn about different cultures through dance and music. The Latin Belly Dancing Club performs at such events as International Dance Night; the BSU Show; the International Day Festival organized by the International Friendship Society; the Nica-Agua benefit concert; and the annual International Dinner.  Club members also audition for Student Spotlight. Anyone is welcome to join; no previous dance experience is required. The Latin/Belly Dance Club meets 8-9 p.m. Wednesdays and 8:30-9:30 p.m. Thursdays in the dance room in TARC.

National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)
NDEO is a national organization committed to the field of dance arts education. Our chapter focuses on creating an avenue for dancers to engage with one another and the community. NDEO also provides the National Honors Society for the Dance Arts (NHSDA). A person with the appropriate amount of points is eligible for admittance the the Honor Society and for graduation with honors.

Human Interest Clubs

10% Society
The 10% Society is a confidential group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, faculty and staff who gather regularly to share experiences and to provide support for each other in a safe and open context. Contact one of the faculty advisors listed here for information on meeting times and places.

ADAPT: Abled and Differently Abled People Together
The ADAPT organization advocates for people on campus with disabilities by holding events and partnering with other groups both on and off campus to support the community of people with disabilities. The organization’s largest event is the Special Olympics basketball game, which will hopefully become an annual activity. 

Asian Pacific American Coalition of Carthage (APACC)
APACC is all about promoting, celebrating, and educating the Carthage and greater Kenosha communities about Asian and Pacific Islander culture. Our meetings include activities, presentations, and events with an aim to help people learn more about culture in the Asian continent and feel more comfortable with different ways of life and perspectives.

Black Student Union
BSU provides leadership opportunities for its members, sponsors activities that furnish social and academic enrichment for black students, and works to strengthen the image of black students in the Carthage community. BSU aims to build respect and tolerance between all races, and foster a unified bond between all students. The group is open to all interested students.

Carthage College Allies
Carthage Allies is a group of LGBT supporters working to bring awareness and diversity to the Carthage campus. The group hosts a week of events leading up to the Day of Silence in the Spring, and holds various other programs throughout the year.

International Friendship Society
The International Friendship Society is a group of students on campus that come together to bring awareness to the Carthage community about other cultures, including food, music, dance and more. IFS also organizes the Annual International Dinner, which raises money for an elected non-profit organization.

Latinos Unidos
Founded in 1999, Latinos Unidos aims to educate club members about Hispanic culture: historical events, lifestyles, traditions, religions, and customs. The group discusses current events that affect Hispanics, promotes the Hispanic culture at Carthage and in the surrounding community, and provides a support system for club members. Latinos Unidos encourages members to perform voluntary community service to increase Hispanic families’ awareness of programs at Carthage, while increasing the value that these families place on education. The group strives to motivate and develop the self-esteem of its members through their involvement in the organization’s activities and to advocate for the advancement of Hispanics in the United States. 

United Women of Color
United Women of Color provides leadership opportunities, hosts activities to enrich its members socially and academically, strengthens the image of minority women in the Carthage community, and works to build respect and tolerance between all students. Membership is open to all students. 

Special Interest

Carthage Magic the Gathering Club
This club is for students interested in the game Magic: The Gathering.

Carthage Pokemon League
Carthage Pokémon League aims to provide a fun, safe environment for students to come together through Pokémon in various ways, including video games, trading cards, art, movies, etc. The group provides opportunities to compete in off-campus Pokémon-related tournaments and competitions at the regional, state, and national levels, and attend off-campus distribution events as they occur. On-campus events include our biannual cookie sale, Family Fun Night, Pokémon Stadium Tournaments, and Pokémon 101 lectures. Ultimately, however, our purpose is to simply catch ‘em all!

Carthage Tea Club
Carthage’s Tea Club provides high quality tea for all, from the new drinker to the connoisseur.

Carthage Woods and Waters
Carthage Woods and Waters is an outdoor club. We’re dedicated to introducing students to all the outdoor sports and activities available to us in the Kenosha area. When we aren’t fishing, mountain biking or trap shooting, you can find us helping pheasants forever with a controlled burn or taking a hunters safety course.

Court of Nobility
Court of Nobility is Carthage’s own Medieval re-enactment club on campus. There are several guilds of medieval interest. Enjoy different activities at meetings, a feast every semester, and much more. Meetings are held at 9:30 p.m. Tuesdays in the Meditation Chapel.

Knitting Etc.
Knitting, Etc. is a club for students who would like to participate in a social knitting/crocheting atmosphere.

League of Legends Club
League of Legends club constitutes of all types of people who play League of Legends! From casual players to hard-hitting ranked grinders, everyone is welcome.

Meditation Club
The Carthage Meditation Club is a group of students who come together to explore meditation and self reflection. The club is not affiliated with any religion, and the members who attend come from many different backgrounds. Each week, students gather in the Potente Chapel to share silence together, and as a result they find a way to relieve stress as well as learn more about themselves and each other. At various points throughout the semester, meditation leaders from the Kenosha-Racine community attend a meeting and explain their experiences/strategies for meditating to the club members. Meditation Club hosts an annual mala bracelet sale and take a spring field trip to the Chicago Botanical Gardens to enjoy the benefits of meditating in an outdoor atmosphere.

Model United Nations
Carthage College Model United Nations is an organization in which members strive to understand international politics, cross-cultural relations, and politically oriented debate as best they can. Each year, Model UN hosts various on-campus events and attends two national conferences in cities ranging from Chicago to San Francisco to New York.

Psychology Club
To give all students in psychology a way to study, discuss, and work with different themes in the field of psychology. To work with the organizations on campus that focus on the psychological field to spread the importance and advance the field of psychology. Plan campus-friendly events that attract as much of the school community as possible, as well as organization exclusive events that provide the members with ways to discuss psychology.

Poetry Underground
Poetry Underground (PU!) is an organization for anyone who loves poetry. Members are open to all styles of poetry, including spoken-word and rap. Fiction writers, dramatists, essayists, artists, and all other creative types are also welcome. Whether you are a literary veteran or are ignorant of poetry altogether, this organization of open-minded artists offers trips to readings, open mic nights, poetry slams, and weekly meetings. Meeting times and places vary by semester. Bring yourself and any work you’d like to read. Meetings generally consist of a writing prompt, time to write a poem, and time to share. Members can share what they wrote with the prompt, a personal poem, or other short fiction.

Enactus, formerly SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise)
Enactus is an international non-profit organization that empowers businesses and people in the community to create a better, more sustainable world. At Enactus, students take skills learned in the classroom and apply them real world problems. Enactus students develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living. Every spring, a Enactus team competes at the regional competition where the team presents its projects to a panel of business leaders and professionals. Regional winners advance to the national competition, and the national winner gets to represent the United States at the World Cup. There are more than 200 partner companies who sponsor Enactus and provide networking opportunities for Enactus students. Enactus is free to join and open to all majors.

Unified Gaming
We are a gaming community that is accepting of anyone who likes to play video games! Every weekend, we meet to share our similar gaming interests and branch out into the community here at Carthage!

Metal Music Club
Metal Music Club centers around discussing metal as a music genre, as well as exploring its many varieties.