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International Political Economy

Business Administration
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Compete for more than $350,000 in business scholarships.

With a first-class learning center, expert faculty, and a prime location in the heart of a major business corridor, Carthage offers an unequaled experience in learning business principles.

READY to succeed

Top majors

Carthage offers majors in accounting, finance, economics, international political economy, management, and marketing; and minors in business administration and entrepreneurial studies. This choice of majors allows you to tailor your education to your interests, while preparing you for a variety of careers in both the public and private sectors.

Top Preparation

All business programs at Carthage utilize the College’s proprietary READY™ Curriculum Design. “READY” stands for “Real-World Experience and Developing You.” This student-centered philosophy means you won’t just study the theories of business. Every professor brings business experience into the classroom through multiple real-world projects and simulations, and through curriculum embedded with industry standard software. You will develop the ability and enthusiasm to work in the dynamic global conditions of the 21st century.

READY to lead

Today’s businesses are faced daily with new opportunities and challenges due to changes in cultures, technology, products, markets, and tools. Tomorrow’s business leaders need to be flexible and creative to adapt to these changes, solve the new problems they bring, and be profitable in a changing world.

When new markets emerge, these markets need to be evaluated with an understanding of the enduring principles of market behavior. When new corporate divisions are created, these divisions need to be organized with knowledge of individual behavior and organizational theory. When new conflicts of interest arise, managers need a solid foundation in both ethical and legal principles. Business leaders need to understand how customers and employees are motivated, and how to manage them.

Outstanding outcomes

Carthage strives to create a learning environment that produces graduates who have top skills and knowledge in current business practices, but also enduring analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills to be lifelong learners, advance in their careers, and contribute to the global community.

To achieve this mission, Carthage business students must:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of business terminology and theories, both in general business and specific to their subject specialties.
  • Be able to select and apply appropriate technology for analysis, research, and presentation.
  • Work as effective members of a team.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills in decision-making and problem solving.
  • Demonstrate appropriate oral and written communication skills.

These abilities are developed through the College’s majors, minors, electives, and experiential learning opportunities.

Liberal arts foundation = Wide knowledge base

It is also essential that business students make the most of the liberal arts environment that Carthage offers. Nearly 60 percent of a Carthage education comes from a wide variety of liberal arts areas including history, religion, psychological science, philosophy, fine arts, foreign language, and natural sciences.

This approach to education gives our graduates a wide knowledge base for evaluating new ideas, and refines their writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills in a variety of contexts to prepare them for the coming changes they will face over the course of their careers.


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